Snow Fungus Longan Sweet Soup

Umm Ahhh just the thought of a bowl of refreshing Snow Fungus Longan Sweet Soup brought memories back to my childhood days when Dad would make us a pot of the sweet soup. He does not cook on normal days – only during the Holidays Chinese New Year, Easter and Christmas. Those are the suppose days of rest for my mom. But she never rest, she would always help out. This soup can be eaten / drink at any time no matter what season of the year. Usually it’s serve after a big dinner as dessert.
To make the soup I gonna have to go to the Asian Market. I am lucky enough to have three of them near my home. Lee Lee Supermarket , Mekong Supermarket and the International Market.
1 snow fungus
1 handful lily buds
1 handful lotus seed
2 handful dried Longan
2 wood ear fungus
Rock sugar to taste
12 cups water
In the old days people do not measure the amount of ingredient they use. Hence a handful of this and that.
***A handful = roughly 1/3 cup

snow fungusWP_20171207_19_18_02_Pro

Soak the snow fungus and wood ear fungus in warm water to rehydrate in separate bowls for an hour or two. Rinse and cut snow fungus into flowerets and the wood ear into julienne strips.
In a 6 quart pot fill water up to ¾ full (12 cups) water. Rinse the lily buds and lotus seeds, throw them into the pot with the snow fungus and wood ear. Bring to boil and simmer for 11/2 – 2 hours. Add the rock sugar to taste depends on your sweet tooth.
Soup can be eaten hot, warm cold or iced.



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